Do Liberals Share Brains of Psychopaths?

Many people are aware that Liberals are guano crazy.

Liberalism is rightly described as a disease, and there is more proof of this, than there is that Earth has a MOON!

Perhaps scientist will one day be able to actually test for the disease of Liberalism, as this report suggests there is a test for psychopaths:

We often associate psychopaths with criminals and murders, the likes of Anders Breivik or Ted Bundy, but many people display some of the criteria that would put them on the scale. Most of them lead completely normal lives, and never kill or hurt anyone. Traits such as a tendency toward boredom, pathological lying, superficial charm, and impulsivity are just a few of the 20 signs in the PCL-R test, a psychological assessment used to determine a person’s potential psychopathy. As with any scale, there is no definitive line, with blurred boundaries of what’s considered normal and what is psychopathic.

Let’s just keep it real, as Liberals are psychopaths. They are dogmatically against hearing the other side of an issue. As the symptoms suggest, they bore easily, unable to find pleasure in themselves and have an incessant need to be around other brain-dead people.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, most of Congress are the poster children of pathological liars.

And not to overwork the black guy, but Obama is the clinical definition of “superficial charm.” There is no charm underneath his silk suit, crocodile smile, complete with the smell of snake oil.

For more on how to spot a psychopath, read here


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