No White Conservatives Martyrs Allowed

I saw a headline today that read, “Kim Davis is no Rosa Parks!”

That’s because in the Era of Obama, the Era of Neo-Racism, there can be no white martyrs for the cause.

Kim Davis is fighting oppression! She is fighting against the Gays!

The LGBT are a powerful force, who act like they are the downtrodden. It’s smart to be the bully, yet act as if you are being bullied. And the gays are EXPERTS!

They run everything, and are very successful. They run Hollywood, Wackademia, big business, entertainment, and much more. Their messages are all over, and even with all the advertisement, they can’t get the damn Bible-thumpers to just BE GAY!

NOT Gay America was long overdue for our civil rights icon. A leader! We got Kim Davis.

Davis defended the rights of marriage, and stood fast on her biblical beliefs. She was even willing to be jailed for her beliefs in the face of oppression by the devious gays, as was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He went to jail many times for what he believed in. It took “death by Democrat” to stop him.

Rosa Parks was jailed for her beliefs, that black people can sit anywhere they way on a bus. Muhammad Ali was stripped of his titles and ability to earn a living in his craft, because of his religious beliefs. Ali was hated by many people for taking that stand, and was called traitor, unpatriotic and much worse.

On the other side of the world on the Dark Continent, Nelson Mandela imprisoned for 25 years for his beliefs.

Like these icons, Davis, ergo Christians are also under attack for our beliefs. Marriage is a Christian traditional value, not a gay value. Marriage is and will always be between a man and a woman. Gays can have their unions, but it cannot be marriage, any more than a rose can become an apple.

Gays should have the rights of marriage, but they should define it for what it is, and go forward. Gays can have contracts that equate to marriage, and the government should honor them. But this attempt to destroy the biblical doctrine should not be tolerated.

Kim Davis is a Christian woman who stands against gay marriage based on her Christian belief. She knew that taking a stand against gay marriage could cost her, her job, and that taking a stand would put her in the spotlight. She knew that she could go to jail for standing up for what she believed in, but she took a stand anyway.

Ultimately Davis was arrested for refusing to marry two men.

Kim Davis is a martyr. She did exactly as all the others described did. But Kim Davis has a problem. She’s a white Conservative. And Liberal America doesn’t allow for white Conservative martyrs.





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