NY Wants to Quarantine Street Performers

As I walked through Times Square in New York City recently, I was shocked to see two amazingly built women “wearing” the American flag. As they drew nearer, I noticed they were completely nude, and the flag was painted on them.

I was shocked to see them meandering quickly through the crowd of onlookers so freely. After a range of emotions, beginning with my reptilian, primal man, “Holy sweet mother of all that is unholy, but thank you!” inner utterance, the disbelief kicked in. I began to wonder how these two young beauties were able to get away with walking completely nude in a very public areas, body-paint notwithstanding?!

Then, I thought like a parent. I wondered where the authorities were, and who obviously allowed this type of thing to happen.

Finally, my understanding of Liberals kicked in, and I realized that this is now condoned by Liberal society.

As reported in Reuters, however, things may be changing.

New York City would require topless women in body paint, Elmo impersonators and other costumed characters who populate Times Square to work in designated zones under a new plan to manage a surge of street performers in the famed Manhattan crossroads.

When it’s not the nude women, it’s the street performers, who are really panhandlers in costume. Don’t take a picture with them, even at their urging, or you will be on the hook for a tip. They are so aggressive, the mayor and governor of New York chimed in.

De Blasio and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo have called the performers aggressive solicitors who threaten to drag Times Square back to the “bad old days” when the area was a tawdry magnet for prostitutes, drug dealers and panhandlers.

The business community is sounding the alarm bell.

“Times Square should be a place of freedom of expression, freedom of movement and creativity, without being a free-for-all,” said Tim Tompkins, president of area business group Times Square Alliance, which wrote the report.

The report goes on:

The performers, including topless women in body paint known as “denudas” and dozens of costumed mascots, have multiplied in recent years, posing for pictures with tourists, often in return for tips.

But alleged incidents of harassment of tourists and violence has led to stepped-up scrutiny from police and demands from some critics for a crackdown. In one case, a man dressed as Spider-Man was accused of punching a police officer after demanding a tip from a tourist last year.

The controversy intensified in recent weeks as the city’s tabloids drew increasing attention to the denudas. De Blasio and Cuomo say the topless women will scare away families and reverse a transformation of Times Square in recent years into a tourist mecca.

Thus the quarantine. No enforcement of the law, just setting up a “red-light district.” Typical  Liberal solution, which is to put a band-aid on the problem, and not address the core issue. Can’t have prudes and business people dictating family-friendly and public-friendly policies.



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