Is Obama a Muslim? What’s the Difference?

By George Hewes

Dr. Ben Carson’s comments about a hypothetical Muslim presidential candidate and a vocal attendee at a Donald Trump rally have opened the old debate about Barack Obama’s loyalties as they relate to America and Islam. Again, a Washington outsider has showcased the pink elephant in the room.

And right on cue, the Islamic grievance lobby  jumped into the fray, demanding Carson withdraw from the race and lecturing America on its purported Islamophobia. The issue was the big thing at the dawn of the Obama administration, when his Muslim heritage caused many to worry that he had a stealth agenda. With Obama’s reign of terror approaching its final year and his track record in place, this is as good a time as any to reassess the question.


Liberals love to spout faux outrage whenever Obama’s detractors bring up the Muslim question, but that just creates the fog needed around the real issue. It doesn’t matter if Obama sees himself as a Christian, Muslim, Quaker or Jehovah’s Witness; Obama governs like a Muslim.

Americans had no issues with Muslims in the years leading up to Obama. However, the election of Obama amped up talks of Muslims to levels unprecedented in history. Here are a few examples:

  • Obama’s newly-appointed NASA administrator saying in an interview that his boss told him the most important objective for the space agency was to make Muslims feel good about their historic contribution to science, math and engineering.
  • Obama speaking to George Stephanopolous and making a Freudian slip by referring to his “Muslim faith.”
  • Obama called the Muslim call to prayer, “the prettiest sound on Earth.”
  • Remember when Obama said, “America is not a Judeo-Christian nation”?
  • A president who makes Georgetown and Notre Dame cover Christian symbols when he spoke there, but made no such request when appearing in Islamic venues.
  • Obama pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq, created a vacuum that bloodthirsty ISIS savages were more than happy to fill.
  • Obama broke the Powell Doctrine in Libya (“you break it, you own it”) and turned a stable situation into a lawless, Islamist wonderland.
  • Obama erroneously brought up the Crusades, in his defense of ISIS.
  • Obama pushing through a nuclear weapons deal for Iran that all but guarantees weapons of mass destruction to a hardline Islamic theocracy that has “Death to America” as its motto.  

Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS couldn’t have done any better than the perfectly groomed Manchurian candidate who wants America to believe that he has our Judeo-Christian best interests in mind.

It is completely irrelevant with which religion Obama identifies, but let’s say you are one who believes him to be a Christian. Fine. Don’t forget the church that Christian Obama attended, a church that practiced overt racism known as Black Liberation Theology, pastored by Jeremiah Wright. 

It seems no matter what “religion” Obama claims, there is one thing you will always get: radicalism.



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