Obama: Republicans Suck at Being Obstructionists

Recently at a business round-table, Obama quipped:

“If our leaders can put common sense over ideology, good of the country before the good of the party, then we’ll do just fine.”

Interesting comment from the man who has not pushed, but shoved his ideology since his coronation. The same can be said for his lackeys.

Pelosi spent most of her speakership talking about how awful Bush was. Add to this the ideological agenda of the Left, as Democrats pushed ObamaCare, overthrow of the DOMA which got us gay “marriage.”

Obama has practically legalized “illegals” as America is invaded by Mexicans from our Southern borders, and jihadists brought through the lie of Amnesty. Further, Obama has had unfettered access to America’s treasury, taxing and spending his way to record deficits and debt.

About the only the thing they haven’t accomplished is gun control.

Does Obama really believe that the GOP are a bunch of obstructionists, because they haven’t obstructed much. That fact is, Republican suck at being obstructionists!


The second part of his speech he suggests that the country is doing great. Well somebody better tell the people looking for jobs this great news, or the graduates living in their parents’ homes.


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