Obama’s Syrian Training Program Bust

Last year the Pentagon, under the supervision of defense Secretary Ash Carter, requested 500 million dollars for a program to train 15,000 Syrian fighters to oppose ISIS. The funny thing is out of 7000 initial volunteers, only 54 made the cut to continue. Talk about a few good men.

It is no surprise the overwhelming majority had backgrounds meshed with Islamic extremism and anti-Assad leanings which disqualified them.

As reported last week, the Pentagon has lost track of all 54 Syrian opposition forces just after being put into action in July. They have either deserted, been kidnapped, or killed.

I’m not sure why any Congressman would have voted for such a plan. After all, our track record of training foreign forces lately to defend their own country has been a miserable failure, as many Americans will never forget seeing the long line of American military fighting vehicles being driven by ISIS after the Iraqi forces weren’t able to defend themselves in Ramadi.

Who in their right mind would think it wise to spend 41.8 million dollars on 54, repeat, fifty-four, Syrian opposition fighters? The genius behind this proposal? You likely guessed it: Obama.

An article in The Wall Street Journal from last year reported on the program,

“The expanded U.S. involvement will be on President Barack Obama’s terms, by emphasizing the use of partner forces, and not the direct use of American combat forces.”

Furthermore in 2014,

“Mr. Obama pledged in a speech in May at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point to increase U.S. assistance to the moderate Syrian opposition.”

At a White House picnic last September, Obama thanked all who had voted for the measure, singling out help from John Boehner. Watching the video, knowing now the failure of the program, would be entertaining if it wasn’t such an embarrassment for the United States.

Another heavy supporter was  Senator Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who said the plan should have wide bipartisan support. His wise counsel,

“The idea of ignoring Syria and letting it deteriorate is not working out well for us,”

Has anyone asked Lindsey how well the Obama plan worked for us? Definitely not…”WINNING!”

In what alternate reality would a legitimate business exist where the CEO and other executives continually made these types of catastrophic decisions for their companies, and retain their jobs? As Trump would say, “You’re fired!”

Representative Duncan Hunter, R-Ca., was one who saw the writing on the wall concerning this plan. He fought with Marines in both Afghanistan and Iraq and expressed his doubts at the time about working with rebel groups, because of the obvious distrust that exists between us.

“We need to crush ISIS and not work on arming more Islamic radicals,” he said.

Our military has proven time and again that it knows how to defeat an enemy. Maybe that brief piece of advice from Hunter would go a long way in providing our Commander in Chief with a plan based in the real world, and not Obama’s world of make-believe.

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