Memo to Walker: Canadians are not Mexican

Finally someone has come up with a plan to stop the ruthless Canadian gangs, drug dealers and human traffickers who cross our northern border by the millions.

Scott Walker offers: THE WALL PART 2. {Not to be confused with Pink Floyd.}

Canadians take the jobs Americans don’t want to do, devastating America’s underemployed citizens. These ruthless Canadians peddle cocaine, heroin, and meth grown in the frozen tundra of the Great White North.

Further, despite having a healthcare system that is the envy of all of Cuba, these wretched Canadians cross our sacred border to birth their “anchor babies,” then jump on our welfare system.

Finally, these interlopers don’t want to learn English, bringing their Quebecquoi and bastardized language only to set up Canadian enclaves where even the police don’t want to go.

Wisconsin Governor and Republican Presidential Candidate Scott Walker plans to put a stop to this outrageous behavior. The man who wants to be president was baited in an interview with Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday. Walker agreed with Todd that a wall on the Canadian border is a legitimate issue worth considering.

Chuck Todd had to be shaking his head (inside), wondering just how much of a lunatic Walker was. Had he heard the question?

“I’m talking about CANADA, you moron!”

The mainstream media is gutting Walker on his inconsistent immigration stances, but Walker only has himself to blame.

In the past 2 weeks, he changed his position on the 14th Amendment and birthright citizenship, first opposing the idea. He then withdrew support, saying he wouldn’t seek to end it. Next he said he had no position on it, before finally stating he is opposed to repealing the 14th Amendment. Did you get all that?

So much for honing in on Trump territory.

When asked by Todd if Trump was influencing his immigration message, Walker said no. Walker credited his position regarding the wall on a handful of concerns raised by New Hampshire voters. Sure, because New Hampshire is being overrun by Canadians?

An Associated Press article reported:

“Billionaire Donald Trump is riding the issue of illegal immigration to the top of the Republican presidential primary polls. He has said he would make Mexico pay for completing a permanent wall along the border. He also says he would also end automatic citizenship for those born in the United States, a right guaranteed by the 14th Amendment to the Constitution that was originally added to grant citizenship to freed slaves and their descendants after the Civil War. His positions appear to have pushed rivals to also take strong stands on immigration.”

If Walker isn’t paying attention to Trump on immigration, perhaps he should. Oh, and look SOUTH!


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