Think Muslims Target only Christians?

Think Muslims only target Christians? Think again.

In this clip from the BBC, Rafida Ahmed Banna talks about the attack on her and her husband, Avijit Roy, while in Bangladesh.

Roy was hacked to death by machetes, and his wife was attacked as well. She survived, receiving some cuts and losing a finger.

What was Roy’s crime? He wasn’t a Christian, and he wasn’t a Muslim. He was an American of Bangladeshi descent, and an atheist blogger. That’s right, Muslims hate Jews, Christians, and atheists. Correct me if I’m wrong, but includes just about everybody, save Buddists and Wiccans?


The Muslim who attacked him justifies the assault, sine he claims that Roy was ‘insulting Islam and Sharia’.

This seems to be Islam in a nutshell. Muslims are the new Daleks. They pretty much hate everyone that isn’t like them. For those that don’t know, Daleks are a science fiction creature that is only capable of hate. They hate anyone that isn’t like them, and kill anything they hate. Sound familiar?

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