Transgender Proves She’s Still a Man in a Fight

Gender identity is as confusing as it could possibly be today, and the LGBTQ have made it this way intentionally.

It’s enough that we have all the new initials, and now we have “Questioning!”

Just recently a school approved a transsexual male to use the female bathroom. I’m “questioning” the sanity of people who have decided to make their lives about their gender and sexual orientation, when in truth they are simply freaks.

I know it’s difficult for them to believe it, but when something occurs as small in nature as gender dysmorphia, it’s an anomaly. Many of these “questioning” have been created by pedophile Liberals, who prey on them at a young age, therefore confusing their true sexual identity.

In this video, watch as this young “woman” decides to fight with a man.

Very ladylike, right.


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