Trump: Not Obligated to Defend Obama

Only in the Liberals’ Utopia is a citizen expected to defend the most defended person on the planet–the American president.

Such is the case when you have a wimp as a leader.

And make no mistake about it, Obama likes it when ordinary people defend him. Peel away his secret service, and Obama couldn’t walk the streets of Beverly Hills without somebody kicking his scrawny ass.

Trump had this to say on Twitter about the incident where someone called Obama a Muslim:

And here I thought being called a Muslim wasn’t such a bad thing. After all, Obama just invited a future terrorist to the White House. Trump went on to say this about his feelings on being coddled as a potential POTUS:

Trump is smart to not have engaged in this nonsense. Other candidates would have taken the bait, as McCain did during his presidential run. After all, taking the bait is the political thing to do, and exactly how fish get fried.




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