Universities Are Cesspools of Ignorance

Public universities should be outlawed, given what America gets for its money. No longer are they institutions of higher learning, but quite the opposite.

The social engineering experiment has failed. What was supposed to bring the rural white kid in contact with the urban black, has done little more than flip the color lines, producing Stepford robots and sufferers of Stockholm Syndrome.

Newsmax reported that after Katie Pavlich finished speaking at the University of Delaware, where she was interrupted by #BlackLivesMatter, there was a campus-wide alert for a racist. Re-read that sentence and see if you can spot the racists.

Anyway, was was proffered as a racist act, turned out to be nothing of the sort. Nevertheless, finding out the truth (spoiler alert: there was nothing racist) didn’t stop the race-baiters and white Liberal enablers from responding “as if.”


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