Video: Angry White Man Accuses Another Man of “White Privilege”

Leftist have a reason to celebrate, and I can see the NAACP “high-fiving” at their next convention. The Left has succeeded in making America nuttier than a Port-a-Potty at a peanut festival.

In this video, a white man accuses another white man of “white privilege.”



“Gentrification” of inner cities is a divisive topic, and black racist like Spike Lee have been vocal about it.

For one man in a previously gritty, but now trendy area of Brooklyn, New York, his new neighbors brought gentrification to a whole new level.

Recently when a couple pushing a stroller apparently bumped into him as he was running down the street, the man went on a rant. The ensuing confrontation was captured on video and posted online.

After repeatedly threatening the stroller-pushing dad, the man shouting “I’ll kill you with one punch!” – the jogger turned racial.

“You’re new in the neighborhood. I’ve been in this neighborhood. The only reason white people like you are living here are because I settled this … neighborhood,”

He “settled” this neighborhood. I guess he took it over from the indigenous black Brooklynites, and he wants to limit the white people?!

In further irony, the man is heard shouting. “White privilege!” I’m wondering if he is invoking it for himself, or twisted enough to shout it at the father walking his baby?



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