Why Biden Won’t Run

If you want Joe Biden as your prom date, you’re desperate. And that’s exactly what the Democrats are.

Hillary Clinton was never the ideal candidate; she was forced on the lemmings in a deal made long ago. So the requests for Biden or [insert any Leftist fool here] were inevitable.

That said, Biden has his issues.

As Newsmax reported:

“For all the bedwetting Democrat stories, there haven’t (sic) been this stampede of people who said they are going to leave the Clinton campaign or are upset,” said one of more than a dozen party strategists who spoke to The Hill about a potential Biden campaign.

Most of the strategists, speaking anonymously, said they don’t believe Biden can pull together a campaign this close to the Iowa caucuses, which will begin on Feb. 1.

In other words, Biden isn’t popular either, and he likely can’t pull a significant ground game together. But don’t think that will stop the Democrats from trying, given that Clinton’s poll numbers have dropped because of her ongoing email scandal, though she still tops most of the GOP in major national polls.

Now the bad news for the Left: her lead is narrowing.

And let’s not forget that other old white guy. Bernie Sanders is already drawing the anti-Clinton vote, and in my opinion is the major issue for the Democrats. Many of his supporters may completely abandon the Democrat Party at election time.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Biden doesn’t run. After all, it would be for the party. Enough damage has been done with Biden just testing the waters. The only strategy is to talk the old fool out of running, and perhaps Hillary Clinton can save face.

But perhaps the Democratic Party needs to save face. Imagine if Biden commits to run and he can’t get a higher percentage than Bernie Sanders? And what if he is unable to fundraise, or build a decent team. Talk about dropping a turd in Obama’s punch bowl.

A Biden candidacy would be an Obama third term. And let’s face it, America doesn’t want any more of Obama. Sure, Obama thinks he could win again. So do most punch-drunk boxers who come out of retirement.

Memo to Obama: you didn’t win last time; you cheated.

Biden would be an embarrassment, and that would rub off on Hillary Clinton, and ultimately the Democratic Party. Their only way out is for Biden to stay out.




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