Why Liberals Can’t Speak American

One of the myths that the Left and their accomplices in the media try to float to the American people is how sophisticated they are. They want everyone to know what experts they are on art, literature, film, and so on.

No one is more cultured than they are, as they discuss their knowledge of French literature or Greek anthology. Whatever nonsense that has nothing to do with reality, and they are all over it, even teaching the nonsense in colleges and universities, and getting us to fund it.

Useless knowledge is how they distinguish themselves from the unwashed on the Right.

The Left knows a lot about being foreigners; however they know little about being American.

Recently, during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, former Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin was asked about former Florida Governor and presidential candidate Jeb Bush conducting an interview in Spanish. Palin stated that she believed that speaking English was a unifying element to living in the United States, and that we should “speak American” as an incentive for the newly arrived to learn English.

The Left wasted no time calling Palin an idiot.

“There was no such language as “American!”

For the Left, the statement was just another in a long line of Palin gaffes.

Could it be that Liberals in their attempt to paint Palin as a dim bulb, missed the point entirely? Some say we do “speak American”.

A century ago, when immigrants arrived in this country, they were proud to become Americans. People from all over the world brought their cultures with them, mixed them all together, and the result was America, and something uniquely American. As we have become one people, we have indeed developed our own language. And it’s not just in the words we use, but it’s about what it means when we speak.

Barack Obama doesn’t speak American. If he did, the world would actually listen. While Obama negotiates a treaty with Iran, the ayatollah has threatened America, and said just recently that Israel will not be around in 25 years. Jimmy Carter v2.o.

Ronald Reagan spoke American. When he talked Qaddafi listened, and in fact the world listened. Speaking American is not political double-talk, a specialty of the Left, perfected by Bill “Definition of Is” Clinton, and Barack “Keep your doctor, Period” Obama.

Maybe it is the Left who need a crash course in “speaking American”.

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