Young Patriot Calls out Obama for Supporting Terrorists

So a kid with the homemade clock was invited to the White House. Why?

According to this 13-year old CJ Pearson, it’s because the kid with the clock was Muslim. Yes, a 13-year old Conservative is smarter than 99 percent of Liberals.

Ahmed (the clock kid) was detained because his school thought it was a bomb. We have learned that Ahmed’s father is a “Muslim activist.”


There is no reason that what happened to Ahmed warrant a visit to the White House. CJ comments that Obama pretty much ignores much more relevant things. Things like the murder of Marines on American soil, citizens being gunned down by illegal immigrants, and cops being killed by the terrorist BLM movement. CJ considers them all terrorists.

CJ is obviously angry about this, as he talks about how fast the White House was lit up for the SCOTUS gay marriage decision, accusing Obama of being ignorant.

Young Americans like CJ give me hope for our future.


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