Another BLM Fraud Gets a Cushy Job

Hey black Liberals, when will you get the clue. First DeRay gets his cushy job in Wackademia, now this.

The male “Dolezal,” Shaun “I swear I’m part black” King has landed an amazing job.

Me thinks this #BLM movement may not have been about helping blacks as much as it was to help “some” blacks (and wannabe blacks)!


As CNN Money reports:

Executive Editor Jim Rich said in a staff memo Friday that King will join the tabloid as senior justice writer, a newly created role.

The hiring of King along with several others comes at a turbulent time for the paper in which its newsroom endured widespread layoffs of veteran reporters and editors.

“Shaun’s writing on social inequality, police brutality and race relations in America has been some of the best work done in the country,” Rich said in the memo. “His passion and attention to detail on topics that are of critical importance to our readers — both online and in print — make him a perfect fit for the Daily News.”

King, who is based in Atlanta, will begin writing for the Daily News on October 15.

And we can certainly count on King’s journalistic integrity, given his Tweets:

No Shaun, Democrats have done an excellent job of doing the work of the organization they have founded. And in case you’ve missed it, in every city where you seek “social justice,” there are nothing but PROMINENT DEMOCRATS running them.

Hey Shaun, do you lecture Leftist criminals about “social justice,” as they commit heinous crimes against humanity? What of the black thug who wantonly takes the life of an innocent person, as you and your ilk “protest” said thug’s death by a police officer doing his or her job? I guess Pro-Choice means, a choice between how a criminal will take a law-abiding citizen’s life?

Congratulations on the new gig, Shaun. Doing the job black people won’t do, I suspect?

H/T Twitchy

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