Another ObamaCare Exchange Failed

In what should be no surprise to anybody, another insurance carrier created as a result of the Obamacare legislation is closing. This time — its Colorado.

Spurred by the federal government’s failure to pay billions of dollars in promised funding, Colorado HealthOP’s closure is the latest in a series of CO-OP shut downs across the country.

Joe Hanel, senior communications expert of the Colorado Health Institute, says some 83,000 Coloradans are now forced out of coverage – they face more costly coverage or no health insurance at all.


Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard much about this, as it’s part of the nefarious plan of the Left. You aren’t hearing much about the horror stories of people losing plans they actually liked, in order to be forced into MUCH higher premium plans. Yes, ObamaCare has forced people to make the decision between food and healthcare, but the Liberal media has been unbelievably quiet on this.

Their excuse:

“I think what it tells me — it’s trying to set up something as complicated as an insurance company with little margin for error.”

Larry Davis, an insurance broker in neighboring Kansas, tells USA Headline News he predicted the exchanges wouldn’t work and that the Obama Administration ultimately seeks a single payer program operated by the federal government.

“If you want to see an example of government run healthcare – look no further than the VA hospitals and Medicare,” said Davis. “How’s that workin’ for ya?”

According to the Denver Post, requested federal reimbursements (or subsidies) exceeded $2.8 billion, yet insurers only paid roughly $362 million into the co-op.

Some insurance experts predicted exchanges wouldn’t work and that the Obama Administration ultimately seeks a single payer program operated by the federal government.

Colorado HealthOP CEO Julia Hutchins released the following statement:

“We are astonished and disappointed by the Colorado Division of Insurance’s decision. It is both irresponsible and premature. Colorado HealthOP is a profitable start-up insurance company that is in a strong financial position and, for two years, has served the critical needs of Coloradans by enhancing competition in the Colorado insurance market, driving down prices in the state health insurance marketplace and offering new, innovative choices to its more than 80,000 members throughout Colorado. By choosing this course of action, the Division has let local and national politics hurt Coloradans’ access to low-cost healthcare options and assessed Colorado taxpayers with significant avoidable costs. For this reason, Colorado HealthOP will continue its fight, pursuing all possible remedies, to serve Colorado.”

A great example of Liberal methheads tweaking a system until it breaks. ObamaCare had the purpose of shutting down non-government healthcare, with the added benefit of torpedoing profitable companies.

HealthOP is the seventh co-op in the nation to cease operation. And according to U.S. Health and Human Services  — out of 23 cooperatives — Maine was the only profitable co-op in 2014.

I’d like to see these companies sue the government, proving that ObamaCare ruined their thriving businesses.

The healthcare system needed an overhaul, but to allow an incompetent government to do it, is the height of ignorance. We are at the very beginning of the outcome.



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