Trey Gowdy Should Interrogate Hillary about Her YOGA!

When the story of Hillary Clinton’s secret email account and whether or not she had trafficked in classified information came to light, the Left tried to convince us all that it was much ado about nothing. When it was discovered that Hillary had taken it upon herself to determine which emails it was OK to delete, she assured us that they were strictly personal emails. There was nothing in them she insisted, just things like Chelsea’s wedding prep and yoga.

We now have all of Hillary’s emails, and we haven’t seen anything about her yoga. We know she took some time for her eye to heal, and to get lots of plastic surgery. She may have even gotten a “soul” or perhaps a new heart. But there is no evidence of yoga.

Has Hillary been caught in yet another lie? America deserves to see Hillary do “Downward Dog”.

This week Hillary Clinton will testify before the Select Committee on Benghazi, and she has a loose relationship with the truth. Whether she’s taking rocket fire while landing in Bosnia, or regaling us with her “accomplishments” as Secretary of State [or any other job she’s held], Clinton has a penchant for, well, lying.

But yoga could be her undoing, as Clinton may not get the line of questioning that she thinks.

Remember when Hillary Clinton turned just $1,000 into $100,000 when she “invested” in cattle futures? She did this as a housewife, while serving as the First Lady of the Third World state of Arkansas. Quite an accomplishment.

Her next major accomplishment was turning a Rodham into a Clinton when she married Bill Clinton. That “investment” turned a nobody failed attorney into a carpetbagging Junior Senator from New York, then Secretary of State, and finally Democratic Party presidential front runner. Talk about parlaying a marriage of convenience from a sow’s ear to a silk purse.

And if that weren’t enough, the Clintons have amassed over $100 million net worth, since they left public office, The Clinton Foundation cutting deals that would make Donald Trump blush.

When Bill Clinton left the presidency, he got a book deal for himself that netted the family millions, in addition to his cool $250,ooo a year salary for life, Secret Service protection, and a host of other taxpayer-funded amenities estimated to be around $6 million a year. Hillary left office only to get a multi-million dollar advance on her book, yet lamented to Diane Sawyer that as a multimillionaire with two homes worth millions each, she’s “dead broke.” Quite a string of accomplishments.

So when I hear that Hillary Clinton did yoga, I want to see some results! Where are the Hillary Clinton Yoga Studios? They should be all over the country.  Jillian Michaels should be wherever the guy who set up Hillary’s server is…as in GONE!

I want to see Hillary Clinton doing some YOGA! Something tells me that questioning by Trey Gowdy will force Hillary Clinton to do quite a bit of mental gymnastics.

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