McConnell, You’re Next

If Republicans don’t want a third party to split the vote, then get rid of the insider, establishment, status quo. Yes, kick “leadership” to the curb.

As Senator Ted Cruz pointed out, Mitch McConnell is a liar. So are John Boehner and every Republican who ran on repealing Obamacare, then voted to fund it. Lying isn’t a widely accepted practice for Conservatives, as we leave that to the Progressive Liberal Utopian Democrats, who have made lying a science.

We might accept the “white lie,” but we won’t accept the big lies. Here are a few lies told by Boehner:

  • He promised to fight “tooth and nail” Obama’s illegal amnesty orders–then he pushed the House to fund it.
    He said that every debt ceiling raise would be matched with equal cuts—didn’t happen.
    He promised to hold Obama to his promise to allow members time to read the bills—didn’t do it.
    He promised to prevent bills from going through committee process for vote without vetting.
    He was to hold government accountable financially, in order to avoid sequestration—yet were readily enacted.
    He promised to serve only one term.
    He promised more transparency than Pelosi. According to Rep. Louie Gohmert, Boehner has had the most closed Speakership in history.

Boehner had the chutzpah to call conservative critics “false prophets?”

Senate Majority Leader McConnell is no better. He’s outpacing Harry Reid in the funding of Obama’s illegalities—after guaranteeing his constituents he would fight back.
That is not the definition of leadership. Good leadership would force Congressmen to vote. Further, leaders are willing to take the heat from all sides—executive, judicial and fellow Congressmen. They are not there to keep their jobs by betraying their country and constituents.

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Good leaders are willing to go it alone, if the cause is real, and can be justified based on “inside knowledge” unknown to the layman. This country was built by brave men and women who did such things.

A good example of leadership is the filibuster to defund ObamaCare by Ted Cruz in late September of 2013. Every RINO coward, led by war “hero” Senator John McCain, ripped into Cruz—not our felonious president. McCain even took time to tear into an innocent private citizen journalist, who apparently pissed him off so much that he thought it necessary to stop his diatribe against Cruz and focus on the Missourian who had just ripped him a new one in a column published that morning. That person was me.

Why are these Republicans feeding the nut jobs in the Democratic Party at the risk of our national security and economy? Why don’t they see that we’re being made vulnerable to a military takeover and/or a change in our systems that would rival Mao, Hitler and Stalin? It’s like they have no memory of their wins.

Despite the suicidal grunts from the RINOS, Republicans slaughtered the Progressives in 2014.

We need real leaders, willing to completely oppose the Left. We need leaders willing to make and KEEP their promises, and who will indeed protect and defend our Constitution.

Republicans better bring on some real leaders or prepare for a third party.

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