Britain Stuck With Con Artist Muslim Sex Offender Claiming to Be Syrian Refugee

In a foreshadowing of what’s to come for America, a Muslim immigrant, convicted sex offender in Great Britain cannot be deported because he claims to be a Syrian refugee.

British authorities think Abdulrahman Abunasir is Egyptian, but they cannot prove it. And if that isn’t enough, while detained in France years earlier, this sexual predator claimed to be a Palestinian. Most countries, especially the United States, will not send a refugee back to his country of origin if he/she has a well-founded fear of persecution. Talk about working the system.

The British courts have ruled the government cannot hold him indefinitely. So for biting the woman’s lip and attempting to rape her, he was sentenced to a mere 18 months in prison. He is currently being held at a secure immigration center now; however, because of the technicality, he may be walking the streets very soon.

There is also the economic impact on British taxpayers, as reported by the British publication The Sun:

“Immigration detainees usually cost taxpayers about £120 a day, meaning Abunasir’s bill stands at around £80,000 so far.

Lord Alex Carlile QC, the former anti-terrorism laws reviewer, said last night: ‘It’s regrettable that a sex offender who has committed a very serious offence cannot be removed. As long as this case continues, there is a high cost to the taxpayer.’”

They say it costs about $123,000 to keep these “refugees” in Britain. How would you like to pay that freight? And it’s in America too, with stories just at hypocritical and ironic. Yet the Left wants us to take more of these criminals. As The Guardian suggests:

“The US has the rare opportunity to nurture a generation of pro-American Arab Muslims. In national security, it’s a rare confluence when the right thing to do is also the smart thing to do. This is one such opportunity.”

Ask Scandinavian countries their feelings. Rape and other crimes against women are up exponentially, coincidentally with the Muslim invasion. It’s not just about national security, as these invasions constitute a real War on Women.

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