Is Caitlyn Jenner Having Second Thoughts?

We have no way to verify this, however, based on this story, the Bruce turned Caitlyn Jenner experiment might be over.

According to an article on Shockwire, Jenner is now asking to be called Bruce again:

“Talk about flip-flopping! Bruce Jenner AKA Caitlyn Jenner is making headlines again. Sources close to Jenner have disclosed that she’s now having doubts whether she’s really a woman and is in the process of asking everyone to call her Bruce again. Jenner claims that after lots of soul searching, she is certain about this decision.

Coming out as LGBT is definitely a courageous but nerve wrecking experience which enables a person to live a more authentic life. Let’s hope that this is a final decision for Bruce and that he’s completely comfortable with himself now.”

As Bruce, Jenner was a national superstar, winning an Olympic gold medal in the decathlon event at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. He became a national spokesman for the cereal company Wheaties. His face was plastered all over the cereal boxes.

As Caitlyn, Jenner is also a national superstar. She announced in April that she was transitioning from a man to a woman, going transgender. “Caitlyn” graced the cover of the Vanity Fair in July, something Bruce never did. She received the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the 2015 ESPY Awards. She became one of the most recognized people in the LBGT community.

If this recent information is true, this would be a huge hit to the LGBT community, and particularly the transgender. The transgender already have the stigma of being confused, to put it nicely. Many people believe the transgender are downright crazy.


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