Who Cares Canada Elected a Liberal Leader!

I find it incredulous that the lamestream media in America posted the Canadian elections, like they have any significance to us. You would have thought Obama was serving a third term, the way they plastered this story all over the place

We were supposed to be shocked that Canada elected a Liberal.

What real American gives a crap about Canadian politics?! That’s like asking who is the new king of Zamunda! Don’t know, don’t care. But since the new Canadian leader, Justin Trudeau, is an anti-war, pro-dope, tax and spend, climate change supporting fraud, America suddenly cares?!

Ask the average American how many provinces and territories Canada has, and you might as well ask them to read hieroglyphics. And don’t dare ask an American to actually NAME a province!

As one news rag reported:

From legal weed to free trade, Canada’s Liberal government comes to power with a platform likely to usher in changes that could have significant impacts for the United States.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has promised to run budget deficits to fund a stimulus package aimed at updating Canada’s infrastructure and pumping life into its economy, which is currently in recession. A stimulus package could mean greater economic opportunities for American businesses in Canada, which buys more American exports than any other country.

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Canada already has a decades-old free trade agreement with the United States, but Trudeau’s Liberals could change the tenor of future trade negotiations. In a statement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a controversial trade deal supported by the Obama administration currently being negotiated among Pacific rim nations, Trudeau underlined his support for free trade while slamming the outgoing Conservative party for not being transparent about negotiations. He promised “to be open and honest about the negotiation process, and immediately share all the details of any agreement.”

Trudeau has promised new investment in clean energy and to take action on climate change, though what, exactly, that might mean is unclear. Under a Liberal government, Canada is likely to be a more agreeable negotiating partner for countries seeking to make significant emissions cuts to fight climate change—Trudeau has committed to taking part in the Paris climate conference set for later this year. But Trudeau also supports the Keystone XL pipeline—a controversial project to connect Canada’s so-called “tar sands” to the global energy market—which puts him at odds with the Obama administration.

This guy is the white Canadian Obama, which is why the lamestream media in America is already enthralled.

The only thing Canada has to offer America is lower taxes for corporations. Until America got ObamaCare, we used to laugh at the Canadian healthcare system, a system so bad Canadians planned their vacations and other travel to come to America for OUR healthcare. Those days may be over.

Thanks for hockey, Canada, but you can keep your politics. I will just go back to laughing at you paying attention to America, your crackhead mayor of Toronto notwithstanding.


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