Clinton: I Didn’t Have a Computer in my Office; I Rarely Used Email

Hillary Clinton testified that she didn’t have a computer in her office at the State Department as Secretary of State.  She also said she “rarely” used email while at work.  The State Department currently employs about 70,000 people and has a budget of around $60 billion.  She said this while being questioned by Representative Susan Brooks of Indiana.

Clinton also attacked the straw man argument that the “vast majority” of her work as Secretary of State was done via email.  Nobody has ever asserted that the majority of a Secretary of State’s work is conducted via email, with the nature of such a position’s responsibilities inherently containing within it non-email work such as meetings, phone calls, and reading cables.  That didn’t stop Clinton from hacking away and defeating this straw man argument. She did take the opportunity to list off her responsibilities in her previous position as a mini #Hillary2016 campaign event.

If it is true that Clinton didn’t have a computer in her State Department office, what does it say about her judgment?  Perhaps she rarely came into the office, preferring instead to work remotely from home where she could utilize her private email server to avoid subsequent congressional scrutiny.

One can only presume that Hillary Clinton is only effective, when her communications are protected by her personal server?


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