Clinton Laughs at Benghazi Attack; Admits She Didn’t Meet Survivors for Weeks and Months

When asked if she was alone at her home after retiring for the evening with the terrorist attack on Americans in Benghazi still ongoing, Hillary Clinton awkwardly laughed and deployed a sexual innuendo.  While her Democrat allies in the audience dutifully obliged and followed her lead by pretending to laugh, Representative Martha Roby of Alabama interjected her disapproval of Clinton’s inappropriate conduct.  Clinton acknowledged that while Americans were still under attack, she retired for the evening and went home.

During the same phase of questioning, Clinton stated that she only spoke with President Barack Hussein Obama one time that evening.  She never met with him.  She also didn’t speak with then Director of the CIA David Petraeus or then Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

She also stated that she had not reached out to or met with most of the survivors of the Islamic terrorist attack – many of whom were State Department employees under her management – for weeks or months.  Her reason for this apparent negligence?  She didn’t want to interfere with the “debriefing” of these survivors and relevant investigations by the CIA or FBI.

Unfortunately, no Republicans seem to be willing to lay out the bare truth – that the Obama Administration, upon learning of Americans in peril in Benghazi, chose not to intervene lest the rescue attempt go awry and complicate President Obama’s reelection campaign.  In other words, the politics of election season led to an abandonment of Americans, in case a botched operation tarnish The Narrative of Barack Obama having Al-Qaeda “on the run”, in the interests of bolstering the president’s worthless national security bona fides.

Watch these moments below.

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