The CNN Deception: Hillary’s Great, Trump is a Unifier, and Carson an Angry Black Male

CNN has mastered the art of deception to bias its viewers and readers. It’s not only their misleading content, but it’s the optical illusions created to trick the brain for those who scan their disinformation.

I pride myself on holding balanced views by observing several media outlets and services. I’ve raised my children to do the same and pointed out the ways the mainstream media gives Americans misinformation intentionally. I know I am not alone in doing this.

Today on CNN Politics’ website, this is the first thing I see:

  • Donald Trump’s picture with a headline saying he will be a great unifier.
  • Hillary Clinton’s picture, her caption saying she’s soaking up the sun after a big week.
  • Another Hillary article saying she’s roaring in Iowa.
  • An article about Ben Carson’s violent past with bricks, bats, and hammers.
  • A token Joe Biden article about telling his family he wasn’t running for president.

In my view, it’s obvious what’s happening here. Let’s face it: despite years of Hilary’s unending lies and shady underdealings, Hillary is CNN’s choice for Presidential candidate, as the network functions as the propaganda arm of Liberals and the Democratic Party.

The headline that had Trump as a unifier is ridiculous, and CNN knows this. Trump is challenging the GOP Establishment within the Republican Party with every utterance, his most recent proclamation he believed Ben Carson is “low energy.” Or as Trump defines it, “[energy] even lower than Jeb’s.”

CNN knows Trump’s disapproval ratings are high among Blacks and Hispanics; CNN may seek to keep it that way. Trump could be the candidate CNN wants to run against Hillary, as they believe he is the easiest to beat. Carson poses a quandary for Clinton and for the Left in general, considering their assumptions about Blacks and the dysfunctional, delusional perceptions of his ethnicity in their naked resentment of the retired children’s neurosurgeon: your success happened because of our do-gooderness, not due from your determination, resourcefulness, and ingenuity.

Carson enjoys large support among Whites and may do better than Trump with Blacks and Hispanics. He’s also got Hillary Clinton over a barrel when it comes to outright honesty. This is why CNN and the rest of the Left Wing hacks might want to see Carson take on Hillary.

Carson has made no secret of his growing up in poverty in the ghettos of Detroit. He has said time and again his overcoming those anger issues as a child by turning to faith. That fact that his belief in God can help an impoverished Black male to turn his life around into a true success story terrifies the Left, and instead, use the race card disguised in the optical illusion: put the name of a GOP presidential candidate who happens to be Black next to the words bricks, bats, and hammers. Painting one of the world’s most preeminent neurosurgeons as a common street thug? Nice try.

I’m disgusted how a once prestigious news network would sink this low, but I’m hopeful–and faithful–the American public is intelligent enough to have figured out CNN’s journalistic illusions.

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