Stephen Colbert: Political Hack Posing as Comedian

Haven’t we had enough of Leftist comedians giving us their political views? Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, and even more of Colbert.

Well they aren’t going away, but the Right does nothing to counter these Leftist morons, who do a great job of reinforcing Leftists narratives.


As Mediaite reported recently, Stephen Colbert has finally revealed who he really is…a Leftist. He speaks about the recent shooting in Oregon.

Stephen Colbert took a brief moment at the top of Friday’s Late Show to address the Oregon shootings and talk to his audience about “pretending.”

Having played a character for nine years, Colbert said he knows what pretending is like, but he admitted he can neither pretend it didn’t happen and keep things light, nor can he pretend he has any idea how to prevent it from happening again.

“I think pretending is part of the problem,” he said. “These things happen over and over again and we are naturally horrified and shocked when we hear about it… we change nothing and we pretend that it won’t happen again.”

What Colbert leaves out of his little speech is that most shooters are Liberals. Liberals fill America’s (and the world’s) prisons. And this particular shooter was not only a Liberal–living with his single mother, from CA and OR (two very Liberal states), perpetrator of a mass shooting of Christians–he was a budding Jihadist.

Colbert is just another tool of the Left. I predict his show will flop, as he now can no longer hide behind the notion of being a misguided Conservative, and will play his new role as himself, a lunatic Liberal. I will further predict that America will tire not only of Colbert, but of most of these Liberal hacks, since the country will have to one day wake up to the reality of what we’ve become.

The definition of insanity is simpler than Colbert reminded. Liberalism is insanity, caught in the infinite loop of lunacy. Liberals will never see themselves for what they are, because they are too stupid and scared to take their ideas to their logical conclusion.

Hey Colbert, I’m sure you have the answer to end violence, right? Take away guns, that will do it. Yet in places where they outlaw guns, bad guys still have guns. And when they don’t, they use knives or hammers. What then, Stephen? I’m sure you have an answer to this insanity?

I do. Outlaw Liberalism.



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