Democrats to Host Black Terrorists

As if America needs another reason NOT to vote Democrat, these pandering racists have agreed to throw #BlackLivesMatter terrorists a bone.

Killary Clinton has met with them, and now the Democrats are sanctioning them.

The Democratic National Committee has given its blessing to a presidential town hall held by leaders of the #BlackLivesMatter protest movement.

Recently a website associated with #BlackLivesMatter movement posted a petition demanding the DNC create an additional debate to focus only on issues of importance to the black community:

“It is not enough to poll the Presidential candidates on whether or not they think ‘Black lives matter’ or ‘All lives matter’ – we deserve substantive responses – including and in addition to criminal justice reform, what will the presidential candidates do to ensure that Black lives matter?”

Up to now, the DNC has resisted giving in to the terrorists, as they haven’t wanted to offend anybody who believes as they should that ALL LIVES MATTER. However, we have learned that DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has thrown the #BLM movement new nose bones, and offered  to host a town hall instead.

DNC CEO Amy K. Dacey wrote in a letter to #BlackLivesMatter activists, including Deray McKesson:

“We believe that your organization would be an ideal host for a presidential candidate forum — where all of the Democratic candidates can showcase their ideas and policy positions that will expand opportunity for all, strengthen the middle class and address racism in America.”

The activist weren’t thrilled that they didn’t get everything they wanted.

“Their response to our request is unsatisfactory,” one activist told The Washington Post. “Debbie Wasserman Schultz should be more mindful of her responsibility not only to the DNC, but to the American people.”

I’m actually not surprised the Democrats recognize #BLM. Keep in mind that Democrats love their terrrorists, and even appointed one, namely Eric Holder as the Attorney General. Most people don’t know that Eric Holder participated in an armed takeover of the ROTC office at Columbia University. Amazing that Holder was fighting for “black justice” back then, and despite racist America, Holder became the highest law officer in the land.

Oh, the irony.

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