Former Navy Seal Rep Zinke: A Warrior Should Replace Boehner

Most Americans have become as tolerant of our leaders in Washington as we are of “Caitlyn” Jenner stories. Enough already!

Real Americans want fierce leaders who love this country and aren’t afraid to stand up to the idiocy of the Left. Former Navy Seal, Representative Ryan Zinke, R-Mt., seems to be just the man for the job…the Speaker job.

What better way to remove the bitter taste in our mouths from Speaker Boehner, than installing a true American warrior who knows for whom and for what he is fighting. After all, isn’t a warrior like Zinke exactly what this country needs at this point? Have a look at his argument against the Iran Nuclear Deal.

For far too long we have allowed legislators to go to Washington and completely forget those who have sent them there. There is no doubt Boehner displayed a  virtual amnesia towards the grassroots Conservatives and the 2014 landslide victories we handed to him. His actions also confirmed a widely held belief that the Republican establishment is fighting against Conservative principles.

Indeed, there is a disconnect between authentic Americans and the “Big Republican” establishment. Richard Viguerie says it well in Politico:

“The Bible and Lincoln tell us that a house divided cannot stand. During his tenure as Speaker John Boehner divided the Republican Party like it hasn’t been divided since Progressives bolted the GOP over 100 years ago, and the only thing that could possibly reunite Republicans is new leadership on Capitol Hill.

For the past five years we Conservatives have been like the biblical Jews who had to wander through the desert for 40 years until a generation of flawed leaders had passed from the scene. Like the wandering tribes of Israel we Conservatives are not going to get to the political Promised Land unless we get new leaders.

The resignation of John Boehner is a good start, but until a whole new generation of Conservative leaders takes the reins on Capitol Hill, stands for Conservative principles, and fights to defend the prerogatives of the House on issues like defunding Planned Parenthood, stopping executive amnesty, securing the border and bringing the endless spending, deficit and debt to a close the Republican Party will remain a house divided and I predict the wandering will not end.”

Boehner’s decision to resign is a welcome one for many who trust they can replace him with some manly leadership in Washington. Representative Zinke surely gives rise to hope for a strong,  common sense voice in the House of Representatives. There can be no question of his desire to defend our Constitution and those who stand for it.

If there was ever a time for a true warrior representing American Conservatives, that time is now.

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