Gay Mafia: Why You Will Pay for This Drug You Won’t Use

Welcome to ObamaCare. It’s the kind of healthcare where no real care is given, unless you “care” about having your pockets picked.

I read this story about the HIV drug being widely available in the U.S., but not Australia. The article goes on to explain the COST of the drug, and all the bureaucracy involved in getting it.

It’s perfectly legal to obtain PrEP in Australia, it’s just not that easy. If a doctor thinks you’re suitable to take PrEP, he or she can prescribe it to you and you can pay the full, unsubsidised price for it or order a generic version online from overseas. But this can be prohibitively expensive.

To buy it in Australia would cost around $13,500 a year, and to order it online can cost more than $100 a month. Ordering online also comes with risks. Will you get what you paid for?

The high cost disproportionately effects those most at risk of contracting HIV – gay men and transgender women on low incomes, sex workers, and injecting drug users.

The part of this story that bothers me most is the fact that you can bet the cost of this drug in America is being picked up by hardworking, taxpaying Conservatives.

Just look at that list of people who likely need to use this drug. “Gay men and transgender women on low incomes, sex workers, and injecting drug users.” Talk about your poster children for Liberalism, particularly the LGBTQ brand of Liberalism.

And despite we “square” conservatives not fitting ANY of these high-risk HIV labels, it is we who will pick up the tab. That’s just what Obama, Liberals, LGBTQ, and other Leftist a-holes want from us. We are the “sugar daddies (and mommies)” of these lazy Leftist pukes. As one gay man, Robert Shore put it:

“To be honest,” he said, “the whole reason I have health insurance now is to cover the cost of PrEP and doctors visits for PrEP.”

But ObamaCare didn’t help Shore.

Robert Shore’s health insurance premium has more than doubled, from $173 for a discontinued bare-bones plan with a $10,000 deductible to $373 for the least expensive bronze plan he could find on Then in November, the Ft. Lauderdale man’s health insurance went up again under Obamacare, as the ACA is popularly known.

Shore doesn’t want to end up in the situation he was in last year, when he went to pick up his Truvada prescription under his ACA plan, and was hit with a several-hundred-dollar deductible.

“Wow,” remembered Shore, who has since switched to a plan with a higher premium—$565 a month—but lower prescription drug costs. “I’m one of those people now, hit by a hundreds-of-dollars bill just to get a prescription. Wow. I’m going to have to do this.”

Or will he? More on that in just a bit.

In the meantime, look at a woman who is on Truvada due to the reckless and risky behavior of one of the LGBTQ cisgender types.

Brittany Johnston works two jobs and goes to school. Even still, affording Truvada would be tough for the 22-year-old Oakland, Calif., resident. And that would be a shame. African American women like Johnston are 20 times more likely than their white counterparts to contract HIV. So the fact that she can get the drug for free through The CRUSH Clinic, a youth clinic at the East Bay AIDS Center, is like an act of God.

“I’m very religious,” said Johnston, who asked that her real name not be used because her ex-boyfriend is not out to everyone about having HIV. “Honestly, I feel like God is protecting me.”

Thank GOD HIV targets more black people than white people, right? That way the sister can get her free drugs. And let’s not forget the ex-“boyfriend” who is the B in LGBTQ who exposed her to the possibility of contracting AIDS.

I have a suggestion for Robert Shore. He should marry Johnston, so she can hook him up with free drugs! You can bet that somebody will soon say that preventing AIDS is a savings for society, thus we should just make the drugs free for everybody. Everybody that is, except the square Conservatives who have practically no chance of catching AIDS.






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