Only Hillary Clinton Would Believe She Was a Good Sec’y of State

Leftists live in a world of delusion. They tell lies for so long, they begin to believe them themselves.

Hillary Clinton is as useful as a back pocket on a blouse; but that doesn’t stop her from thinking she actually has a record of achievement.

Consider that a junior Senator who got himself elected and became a failed president, hired her. She is a junior Senator who became a failed Secretary of State, and you get part of the picture.


Hillary Clinton’s career has been built on the backs of scheming, conniving men, yet she believes there is a War on Women. And coming on the heels of what she wants to be more of her fake war, her campaign released a video highlight reel from her State Department.

The video includes endorsements and testimonials from Cabinet officials and others praising Clinton’s diplomatic work. In other words, the video includes suckups to the Clintons and people who, like Clinton, are paid to accomplish absolutely nothing positive for this country. These people are obliged to spin Clinton’s career in the State Department as a success, when the only obvious conclusion one could draw is quite the opposite.

You can bet the video won’t contain anything about Benghazi. Nor will she feature that “easy” button she gave to the Russians, as it was easy for them to annex Crimea, as well as invade Ukraine. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have undone all of Reagan’s great work and reinstated the Cold War.

Don’t believe me, just look at Syria, where the Russians are in direct defiance of America, and are protecting al-Assad. Add to this the Russian and Chinese colluding to destabilize the dollar, take oil as the dollar standard, and you understand how well we’ve done in those countries.

Iran will soon have the nuclear bomb, and while negotiating with us, their religious leader was badmouthing Obama, no doubt remnants of Hillary Clinton’s policies.

But there is good news for the Clintons. Because they have normalized relations with Cuba, Bill Clinton will have access to good cigars.

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