Hillary Clinton’s Desperate Fundraising Email

As if it’s not bad enough the Clintons have extorted corporations and governments all around the world, they continue to beg for the booty.

Look at this Hail Mary throw for Hillary, this message coming on the heels of learning that Bernie Sanders has received over 1,000,000 donations, and faster than Obama did in his campaign.

From: Bill Clinton <[email protected]>
Date: September 30, 2015 at 12:48:53 PM EDT
To:[email protected]
Subject:Can you help Hillary out before midnight?

Hillary needs you.

Friend —

I haven’t written to you yet during this election, but today’s too important to stay on the sidelines.

Hillary’s campaign has a major fundraising deadline tonight, and she needs your help. Will you donate what you can before midnight?

A quick story:

When I met Hillary a long time ago, she was one of just 27 women in her graduating class in law school, and she was a star. When she graduated, she had lucrative job offers. But she decided not to go to a big firm in D.C. or New York.

Instead, Hillary went to work for the Children’s Defense Fund, going door to door to collect stories about the lack of schooling for children with disabilities. Those stories helped push forward historic legislation requiring us to do a better job educating the kids who need our help the most.

I’ve watched Hillary for more than forty years. She doesn’t do things for the title, the pay, or the accolades. Hillary takes on fights because she cares about the people she could help if she wins — the working families, women, and children who could do so much better with even a little support.

That’s the kind of president she’ll be. But she’ll only get a chance to show it if we stand with her today.

Hillary needs us more than ever right now. That’s why I’m asking you to donate $1 or more beforemidnight and stand with her.


Bill Clinton


I love the part where Bill writes, “Hillary was a STAR!”

So instead of being a top notch lawyer from “WhoGivesACrap, USA” (who failed the BAR Exam in DC), Hillary decided to take the enlightened path, and instead ride the coattails of a man to become:

  1. First Lady,
  2. a carpetbagging Senator,
  3. and leader of one of the largest extortion rackets in the world!

Hillary is the shot-caller for Crime, Inc, now worth an estimated $100 million, and she is running for president. That is the new definition of DEAD BROKE!

Hillary cares about people too, which is why she was awarded the Margaret Sanger Award. Like Sanger, Hillary only wants the best for America, which means she must rid the country of human weeds: black people and the feeble-minded, or those unwilling or unable to carry their own load…or DONATE!


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