Check Out How Hillary Clinton’s Hit Team Targets Anti-Clinton Book

Roger Stone’s new book, “The Clintons’ War on Women,” is the top-rated political history seller on Amazon. And that’s why Hillary Clinton’s hit team wants to kill it.

The book reveals, in depth, Hillary’s direct involvement in destroying the reputations of the many women who made statements or allegations against her sexual predator husband, Bill Clinton. So Hillary Clinton’s team of character assassins has taken to Amazon to denigrate book.

In classic Clinton tactics, in a span of a week, a flood of 1-star reviews poured in for Stone’s book. Skyhorse, the publisher of the book confirmed with Amazon that all of the reviews originated from the same URL:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, NY.

The strategy is consistent with statements made in a private conference call to Hillary’s top Southeastern supporters last month by Clinton’s Press Secretary Brian Fallon. A Politico reporter happened to be present during the meeting, and reported in POLITICO Florida:

“In addition to bracing for more fallout over Clinton’s emails, the campaign will establish a ‘war room’ to respond to next month’s congressional Benghazi hearings, Fallon said.

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‘We know that more stuff is coming, we know that in the next few weeks, there’s another anti-Clinton book coming out written by Roger Stone,’ Fallon said. ‘When this Roger Stone book comes out — we’ll obtain the book. Our research team will be able to go through it … and with the Benghazi hearing, there will be a great amount of prep work that goes into that. There will be a war room set up to deal with that.’”

If you follow Democrat politics, and particularly those of the Clintons, this revelation is in fact no revelation. There is no depth to which Hillary Clinton and her ilk are not willing to go to achieve the complete and utter destruction of America, by getting Hillary Clinton elected.

Hillary Clinton is a walking, talking contradiction, who goes against everything she claims to be for, including helping women.

Stone’s book details Hillary Clinton’s direct involvement in targeting the women who went public with Bill’s philandering. It also includes statements from Bill’s previous security officers in Arkansas and Secret Service agents, who reported of Hillary’s violent temper. They reported she threw dishes or whatever she could get her hands on at Bill in fits of rage, which happened often due to Bill Clinton’s philandering, and out and out misogyny.

Interestingly, Stone was scheduled to appear on Leftist propaganda television stations MSNBC and Comedy Central, but those appearances were abruptly canceled, and not by Stone. As reported in the NY Post:

After an appearance on MSNBC was canceled Monday afternoon at the last minute, Stone said the network was under pressure from the Clintons. He was also scratched last week from the Larry Wilmore show on Comedy Central.

Stone said, “’I’m obviously getting under their skin.’”

My bet is the book is worth reading. Let’s see if it will impact the Hillary Machine in the long run. The Clintons can’t keep the genie in the bottle forever.

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