History Lesson on Immigration: The Country Will Fall

I wish I had studied harder in history early on. I have a keen interest in it now. My high school history professor, Dr. Holbert made me love history, too late perhaps. I ultimately majored in Electrical Engineering in college.

Nevertheless, I find myself riveted in The History Channel. I don’t rely on history in my “teachings,” because honestly there is enough evidence in simple observation for me to know that Liberals are crazy. Nevertheless, it can be refreshing to look back on history, and have one’s points validated.

And so it is with this so-called refugee crisis. As Perez Reverte discussed,

In the year 376 AD, an enormous mass of men, women and children appeared on the Danube frontier of the Roman Empire. They were refugee Goths who sought asylum, pressed by the advancing hordes of Attila. For several reasons – among others, that Rome was no longer what it had been – they were allowed to enter the territory of the Empire and were not exterminated, enslaved or conquered, as according to the custom of the time had happened to previous waves of immigrant peoples.

In the following months those refugees discovered that the Roman Empire was not Paradise, that the governors were weak and corrupt, that there was not wealth and food for all, and that injustice and greed were fattening upon them.

And so, two years after crossing the Danube, these same Goths killed Roman Emperor Valens and destroyed his army at the battle of Adrianopole. And ninety eight years later, their grandchildren dethroned Romulus Augustulus, the last Roman Emperor, and liquidated what remained of the Roman Empire.

As you can see, history does indeed repeat itself. The entire world finds itself in the same situation as Emporer Valens. Ultimately the very same “refugees” will kill all the leaders of the countries they currently inhabit, and only one country will have the ability to thwart the mongrel horde.

The world will one day again depend on America to rescue it.


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