Hours Into Benghazi Hearing, Democrats Send Email Asking For Donations to Rail Republicans

The Democrats never waste an opportunity to cash in on dead Americans.

While Hillary Clinton was being grilled about why 4 Americans died in the Benghazi attacks, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent out an email asking for donations to “tear apart the Republicans.”

So what if Hillary Clinton didn’t care enough about her self-described friend, Ambassador Chris Stevens, to send adequate security. So what if Hillary Clinton’s negligence got Stevens and three others killed, as she was conniving to take credit if Libya went well, or to find a scapegoat if it didn’t.

It didn’t. But the DNC doesn’t care about truth, they just care about money and power. This is why they sent out a fundraising email as Hillary Clinton testified about her incompetence.


The email, with the subject line “Hillary Clinton DISRESPECTED,” asks for money to fight back against Republicans, as reported by Mediaite:

“This second, they’re badgering her, disrespecting her, and trying to tear her apart.

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Now it’s time to tear apart the Republicans for this taxpayer-funded political charade.

Help us raise $100,000 during this sham hearing to go after the Republicans. Let’s make them wish they’d shut down this hearing when they had the chance.”

They set a goal of $100,000 and pledged to triple match gifts made during the hearing.

We’ve seen it play out before. The deaths of Michael Brown, Freddie Gray and Eric Garner were the most notable and recent examples. Like ambulance chasing lawyers, Democratic politicians and activists rush to the scenes and denounce “racist Republicans” as the reason of such tragedies.

The hypocritical part is they’ve criticized the Republicans for doing the very same thing. The email accused committee chairman Trey Gowdy of being linked to the anti-Hillary Super PAC, who they claim is making money off of Benghazi.

While it is true that conservative organizations have accepted donations, it is not the same. In the face of a massive Mainstream Media (MSM) campaign to cover up Hillary’s lies in the aftermath of the attack, the anti-Hillary Super Pac is trying to prevent the tragedy from being dismissed by the Leftist media. The fact is 4 Americans were killed and the former Secretary of State is culpable for ignoring 600 pleas for additional security by Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens.

As a further slap in the face to the victims’ families, Hillary and her minions boasted that the hour after the hearing ended was the best fundraising hour of the campaign. For 11 hours, Democratic members hardly asked any questions and used their time to campaign for Hillary. Then afterward, the Democratic Party and MSM claimed a huge victory for Hillary.

The Democrats desecrated the memories of 4 dead Americans and showed their true colors. To them, it was just another opportunity to make money off of the dead.

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