The Inevitability of a Muslim Invasion

No matter where Muslims live (or invade), the country will be practically uninhabitable within a few decades. The Muslim countries have had a few thousand years to get it right, and yet very few people want to seek amnesty in say, Saudi Arabia.

Because America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, in less than 200 years we had built the finest nation in the history of man. And in less than 7 years under Muslim rule, we find ourselves struggling for survival.

While our lamestream media pushes the welcoming of Muslim immigrants and denounce those who speak out against it, they ignore the Islamic doctrines that threaten America’s values and security.

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Y.K. Cherson and Rachel Molschky, authors of the book “Immigrants of Doom,” have dedicated themselves to informing the public what MSM refuses to report: the inherent clash of Islam and the religions of western citizens. Cherson and Molschky reveal what the prophet Muhammed made clear since the very beginning of Islam, as they report on their website:

The main principle for a Muslim community in a non-Muslim country is that it must be separate and distinct. Already in the Charter of Medina, Muhammad outlined the basic rule for Muslims who emigrate to non-Muslim land, i.e., they must form a separate body, keeping their own laws and making the host country comply with them:

                (3) The Quraysh emigrants according to their present custom shall pay the bloodwit within their number and shall redeem their prisoners with the kindness and justice common among believers.

Muslims from the beginning made it clear that they were going to live by their own laws.

And here is a tidbit Liberals who support this mass migration of Muslims should understand.

Muhammad’s teachings forbid Muslims to immigrate to a non-Muslim country if they pursue the goal of their own personal gain or pleasure. But if they immigrate with the ultimate goal of spreading Islam and making it victorious, or at least this is a part of the reason for their immigration, then they are allowed both pleasure and personal gain. A Muslim immigrant should not integrate with the host society, but if his stay depends on showing some kind of integration to the host non-Muslim society, then he is permitted to demonstrate a fake integration, only in appearance and only temporarily, until the goal of subduing and the Islamization of this host society is achieved.

That is why all those discussions so popular among Western liberals about which method is best for the integration of the religious Muslim immigrants into the host non-Muslim societies are not only futile, they are amusing, like disputes about the best way to make a tiger a vegetarian.

GOP candidate Ben Carson was attacked by the media for saying he would not support a Muslim president who embraced Sharia Law. He was immediately labeled a religious zealot and racist. The Muslim group CAIR, who has ties to terrorist groups like Hamas, even called upon Carson to withdraw from the presidential race. Yet Carson was right, as Sharia Law cannot possibility coexist with Christianity or the American Constitution.

Western Europe is being overrun with refugees fleeing the war in Syria and Iraq. German opposition against the flood of Muslims into their country is quickly compared to Hitler. The Liberal narrative never takes into account the inevitable problems they will have when Muslims try and take over their countries.

MSM blames German hate groups for opposing massive immigration into their country. As an article in the Liberal propaganda arm CNN reports:

“As the public fears grow, there has also been a surge in anti-immigration incidents across the country, especially arson attacks on refugee shelters. According to Courage Against Violence, a group monitoring hate crimes in Germany, most attacks are taking place in the south, where refugees initially enter from, but also in the east of Germany, where refugees and migrants make up less than 1% of the population.”

Liberals always want to paint Republicans and Conservatives as anti-immigration to secure votes. It is all part of the deception perpetrated by the Democratic Party. They control the media, and in effect censor the information the American public receives. It is time for America to wake up and realize the most honest information they will receive is from foreign media outlets.

It’s also time for Americans to wake up and realize that we must demand that our Constitutional laws remain intact, and we outlaw Sharia.

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