Israel: The Ferguson of the Middle East

If I were an Israeli, I might be tempted to carry a sign around that reads, “HANDS UP, DON’T STAB”.

Palestinian youth, adult terrorists and thugs are stabbing innocent Israeli citizens. For Israeli citizens, it is business as usual, as their lives are in jeopardy daily for no other reason than being Jewish.

In spite of  “walking through the valley of the shadow of death” daily, it is not likely you would see any Jewish citizens carrying around signs begging Palestinians to not stab them. It’s not the way Israelis roll. In fact, Israel is considering the more appropriate and effective solution of expanding right-to-carry laws.

The United States used to believe in a similar concept which was adopted in the Constitution, or what Liberals like to call “that dreaded 2nd Amendment.” Before liberals took over our formerly great nation, common sense ruled the day, and citizens had the right to defend themselves from a thug trying to wreak havoc on them or a government intent on the same.

What is happening in Israel is not unlike what happened in Ferguson. Justice and common sense have been turned upside down by those who actually lack common sense — Liberals. For years now the United Nations has chastised Israel for responding to terrorism by the Palestinians. This day in time, any response to terrorism is seen as doing the wrong thing. In Ferguson, police were made to watch as thugs burned down the city over a lie. In Israel, the expectation by the Jew-hating Leftists is for Israel to ignore the terrorism of Palestinians, or face the wrath of the international community…for protecting itself.

In either scenario, the perpetrators are made to be the victims, and the real victims are ostracized for protecting themselves.

When the world or the U.S. stands by and does nothing but blame both sides or the wrong side, it gives impunity to the offenders and it emboldens the thugs to continue doing what they do. We should not be surprised to see more violence, mayhem and racism when Liberals incessantly mock the blind Lady of Justice. #JewishLivesMatter


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