Leftwing Denouncements are Worth More than any Endorsement

Perhaps Ben Carson is worth another look. Indeed, anyone who can make the left foam at the mouth is. Professional  hit(piece)man Eugene Robinson with the Washington Post calls Dr. Carson the “GOP’s scariest candidate.” Who could possibly endorse Ben Carson that would make a person consider him for President more than your average sellout leftist wetting his pants about him?

For disclosure purposes it’s good in politics to wear your feelings on your sleeve. The entire editorial acts like a Rorschach test, a window into his soul if you will, that tells you far more about Robinson than Carson. You can see him for the diehard, suicide vest-wearing true believer that he is.

Trump may be a blowhard, but Carson has proved himself to be a crackpot of the first order. Of all the GOP contenders, he’s the scariest.

I say this as a longtime admirer of Carson for his stellar medical career. As the head of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Carson not only saved lives in the operating room but also inspired countless young people to overcome rough beginnings and reach for the stars.

That sounds like a cliche, but I’ve seen the effect Carson has on a room full of low-income African American students when he tells the story of how he escaped a childhood of poverty in Detroit to graduate from Yale University, study medicine at the University of Michigan and become one of the most acclaimed surgeons of our time. Carson’s message — if I can do it, so can you — has a powerful impact on young people. I wish he were still delivering it.

Instead, alas, he is running for president. And despite spouting more utter nonsense than the law should allow…

He even managed to work in a swipe at the First Amendment there. To admit a deep admiration for a man but then proclaim that he could not have the incredible life he’s had, do the great things he’s done, yet believe what he does without being a crackpot you have to have a commitment to progressivism worthy of Scientology.

[…] Carson was defending his assertion that the Holocaust would have been “greatly diminished” if Jews had been able to keep firearms in their homes. Gun control laws enacted by the Nazi regime, he contends, were a prelude to genocide.

To say that experts disagree is an understatement. As Jonathan Greenblatt, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, wrote in the Huffington Post: “It is mind-bending to suggest that personal firearms in the hands of the small number of Germany’s Jews (about 214,000 remaining in Germany in 1938) could have stopped the totalitarian onslaught of Nazi Germany when the armies of Poland, France, Belgium and numerous other countries were overwhelmed by the Third Reich.”

And yet the Nazis bothered to disarm them anyway. Interesting, that. Of course, “experts” is code for a bunch of leftists in faculty lounges and think tanks telling each other how smart they are. They’re experts in an echo chamber.

Greenblatt added that it is “wholly inappropriate and offensive” to “manipulate the history of the Holocaust and use it to score political points.”

Oh where would we be without the left’s lack of self-awareness? If they’d ever stop to listen to themselves they’d cease to exist.

It is equally beyond the pale, in my view, for Carson to have written on Facebook that while he saw the horror of gun violence as a youth in Detroit and as a doctor in emergency rooms, “I never saw a body with bullet holes that was more devastating than taking the right to arm ourselves away.” Or to have implicitly criticized the victims in Oregon by saying that “I would not just stand there and let him shoot me,” stating that people who find themselves in such circumstances should rush the gunman.

Again, a window into the mind of a progressive. This is quite the peek behind the curtain. He’s glossing over Dr. Carson’s point that a virtual guarantee to have a new body everyday because people are defenseless is a bigger tragedy than the current body. Same with the audacity to suggest that people rush a gunman that is going to shoot them anyway. It doesn’t compute in Robinson’s mind because he’s committed to the path of the sheep. Frightened, huddled, and defenseless is the proper state of the masses. You’re not supposed to rely on yourself for defense any more than you are for your healthcare or retirement.

Carson should embrace this hit piece. Declare loudly that if this is what the status quo cheerleaders are saying about him then he must be doing something right. He could start a trend, the pursuit of the anti-endorsement.

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