Michigan Abortion Doctor Found With Containers of Fetuses

As if Americans weren’t repulsed enough by Klanned Parenthood’s auctioning off parts of fetuses, an abortionist in Michigan was found to have 14 containers of human remains in his car. The remains are presumed to be fetuses.

If not for the fact that he was in a car accident that critically injured a special needs child, this probably would never have been discovered.

As reported in an article in ABC affiliate WXYZ in Detroit:

“WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) – 7 Action News has learned police in West Bloomfield found questionable evidence in a trunk of a car that suggests an area doctor may have been performing illegal abortions.

He has been identified as Michael Arthur Roth. Roth is under investigation, but he has not been charged.

Sources confirm 14 containers of human tissue, possibly fetuses, medical equipment and large amounts of Fentanyl, a drug used for pain and sedation, was found in a car owned by the doctor who works as an OB/GYN.”

ABC is an arm of the Mainstream Media (MSM) Liberal propaganda machine and was rather soft in their reporting, using terms like “may have been performing” and pointing out that the doctor “has not been charged.” It may be safer to say these containers did contain fetuses, as the doctor’s history is revealed in an article in lifenews.com:

“Roth has a checkered history of Board discipline and malpractice suits related to botched abortion procedures. Some of the injuries he inflicted during abortions include perforated uteri and bowels, hemorrhage, and at least one abortion he did not finish because the abortion facility ran out of dilators of the size he needed to complete the procedure. One woman required a hysterectomy to save her life. Documents related to these incidents can be read at AbortionDocs.org.”


Roth is not just an abortionist, he is a serial killer. Jeffrey Dahmer also had containers of human remains in his apartment. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if Roth gets off lightly; his defense may very well be, “if Klanned Parenthood can do it, so can I.”

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