“Million Man March” Unifies Haters of America; Socialists; Black Nationalists; and Moslems


For the 20th anniversary of the “Million Man March” on Friday, a motley crew of political agitators coalesced on The National Mall in Washington, D.C.   An interesting fusion of socialism, racism, and environmentalism was on display as a plethora of groups coalesced around political common denominators.  The dominant theme of the event was racial international socialism for advocating for global unification of black people.  As is often the case with racial movements, there was never a clear definition of the criteria for belonging to the in-group.  The definition of “black” was never clearly laid out, leading to some very light-skinned speakers speaking of themselves in ways reminiscent of Rachel Dolezal or Shaun King.

Most speakers at the event came out of the anti-white/European tradition, and belonged to racist groups like the Nation of Islam, the Trinity United Church of Christ (the former religious refuge of President Barack Hussein Obama), and #BlackLivesMatter.  Also invited top speak, however, were Native American independence movements and anti-Israel and Jew-hating “Palestinian” nationalists.  Jeremiah Wright spoke with “racial justice activist” and generic left-wing Islamic Arab Linda Sarsour to hype the “Palestinian” national movement and call for Israel’s destruction.

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The usual optics were observed: lots of red, black and green, baseball hats, military-esque costumes for NoI revolutionary-wannabes, strange head-coverings for women, and bowties.

Here are some highlights.


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