The Muslim Next Door

Recently presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said that he did not think a Muslim could become president as belief in the Koran is not compatible with belief in the Constitution and American values. This set off a firestorm, as Americans have been indoctrinated not to question anything. Dr. Carson in Trump-like fashion has done the country a favor.

One of the fastest growing groups of immigrants entering the U.S. is Muslims from Middle East countries. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, approximately 250,000 come here annually as refugees or on work or student visas. We are told that most of these immigrants are peaceful people and are just coming for a better life for themselves and their families. I’m not here to argue that. However, what I do know is that many Muslims have nefarious reasons for entering this country.

In May of this year, Independent filmmaker Ami Horowitz hit the streets of Minneapolis in a neighborhood largely populated by Muslim Somali immigrants to interview Muslim. Surprisingly, only one person in Horowitz’s video said he loved America and is glad to be here. Virtually all of the people interviewed said that they preferred Sharia law over the United States Constitution. Further, they believe Sharia law is superior to the Constitution.

Like most radical Muslims, the Muslims interviewed believe that it should be a crime to speak ill of the Prophet Mohammed. A few even said that they would prefer to live in a Muslim country where Sharia law is accepted.

So why are they here?

Ironically, many said that they enjoyed the freedom that living in America provided them. Loosely translated, that’s code expressing joy for the freebies, the benefits they receive while residing here.

In the past, immigrants came here to become Americans. While they brought their own cultures with them, they came here to assimilate into American society and culture. That’s not what the Muslims are doing.

As far back as 1998, groups with shady ties to terrorist organizations have made statements to the effect that they were not coming here so Islam would be equal to other religions in America; they were coming here so that it would be dominant.  A May 2015 poll done by the Center for Security Policy said that nearly 25 percent of Muslims believed that violent jihad was justified in establishing Sharia.


Is this the intent of America’s new immigrants? Is their goal not to become Americans but to dissolve America in its present form? It is time for Americans to take a good look at who is moving in next door.

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