New Book: Hillary Smacks Bill Around

Hillary Clinton’s attempt to portray herself as a warm and fuzzy kind of lady is reportedly as dishonest as everything else she’s claimed herself to be.

According to the new book “The Clinton’s War on Women,” by Roger Stone and Robert Morrow, Hillary has a history of beating up husband Bill. It’s been well documented in other books and reports as well, but unreported by her friends and allies in mainstream media (MSM).

This pattern of behavior reportedly dates back to Bill’s days as governor of Arkansas and continued even after his departure as president. A strong argument can be made that Bill’s philandering was worthy of a good spanking; however domestic physical abuse is a crime. Anyone else would be thrown in jail for such an offense; unless you’re an elitist. And despite Hillary Clinton proclamation of being dead broke, she could never claim not to be an elitist, nor would she.

According to a recent article in the NY Post, State Troopers assigned to Bill’s detail when he was governor witnessed Hillary’s wrath firsthand. The story is that Bill sneaked out of the house in the middle of the night, and Hillary awoke to find him missing. She ordered the troopers to find Bill and bring him home:

“She was waiting in the kitchen, and as Chris Andersen wrote in ‘American Evita: Hillary Clinton’s Path to Power,’ the ensuing fight got violent, with ‘shattering glass and slamming doors’ reverberating throughout the mansion. ‘When it was over, staff members . . . [found] broken glass, smashed dishes and a cupboard door ripped off its hinges.’

Andersen also wrote that Hillary would assault Bill in their limo en route to official functions. Whatever was available, she’d throw at Bill: Yellow legal pads, files, briefing books, car keys . . . ‘They’d be screaming at each other, real blue-in-the-face stuff,’ one of their drivers said, ‘but when the car pulled up to their destination, it was all smiles and waving for the crowd.’”


In another incident, Hillary flew back to visit her father on his deathbed and learned that Barbara Streisand (a Bill admirer) had spent the night at the White House. Enraged, she flew back immediately. According to former Clinton press staff member Dee Dee Myers, Hillary flipped out on Bill. The article points out:

“The president was later seen with such a bad scratch on his neck that reporters were asking about it.

 ‘I’m the idiot who said he’d cut himself shaving before I’d seen him,’ Myers told author Gail Sheehy in 1999. ‘Then I saw him — it was a big scratch, clearly not a shaving cut. Barbra Streisand was clearly around at the time.’”

Then of course there was the Monica Lewinsky scandal. One can only imagine what Hillary’s response was to that debacle.

After the Clinton’s left the White House, the abuse continued, as reported in the article:

“As editor and author R. Emmett Tyrell has reported, the verbal and physical abuse has not relented since the Clintons left the White House: ‘Sources close to the Secret Service . . . report that dreadful altercations have erupted several times,’ and usually involve ‘yelling, screaming, throwing of soft and hard objects, breakage of vases and glasses and just plain nastiness.’”

Hillary’s history of scandals has all been attributed to a “vast right wing conspiracy” against her and Bill. That’s been the narrative the MSM has gone with to protect the Clinton’s political hides. Wouldn’t it be great if Hillary was asked at the Democratic debate next week,

“Secretary Clinton, is it true you smacked Bill around?”

If Bill was accused of smacking Hillary around, it would be a very different story. Because Bill just took his likely deserved wrath, he is canonized and Hillary gets to be as abusive as she likes.

Don’t let the Left fool you; they know that Hillary Clinton can and often does come unhinged. They know she should NEVER be allowed to be president of the United States, but that’s why they want it. Hillary is their “bad boy.” They want the bad boy, despite knowing the relationship is doomed. It will be up to Conservative Americans to be the adults, and make sure Clinton never plants her big buttocks in the Oval Office chair. Her attitude will do her just fine in prison.

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