Obama Relishes Mass Shootings

Dear Mr. President:

We all recoiled today, shocked like an ice-cold splash in the face as news of the mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon washed through our social feeds. I say “we” colloquially. “We”, as in we who first felt horror at breaking news of an active shooter.

We, who said a silent prayer for the terrified victims who might at that very moment be running for their lives, bleeding and gasping on polished tile floors – or numbly waiting for the gunman to turn to them after calmly asking their neighbor: “Which religion?” before summarily executing whoever answered, “Christian”.

We, whose hearts cracked as our thoughts turned to the victims’ loved ones, some who could not at the moment possibly know whether they would weep with relief or soul-shattering despair as they searched the crowd of students and faculty who managed to escape the kill zone. Each of us grieved in our own ways, thinking of how devastated we would be, losing someone we love so suddenly, so violently, so senselessly.

You, Mr. President, in contrast stepped behind your podium to lecture America in the James Brady Press Briefing room – chosen, no doubt, for the symbolism of the man in whose name the last sweeping gun control law was passed. Within moments of the shooting, before any details could possibly be ascertained, you chastised us, saying:

“Our thoughts and prayers are not enough. It’s not enough.”

While we were still trying to catch our collective breath, you proceeded to lament:

“We’ve become numb to this.”

We have not, Mr. President. However, what we have become is leery; leery of you.

We wonder why your predictable response – so-called “common-sense gun legislation” –  is always the answer to senseless acts of violence, when the cities with the highest rates of gun violence – Oakland, Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, Stockton and others – also happen to be those with the strictest gun laws (348 dead in Chicago this year to date, 220 in Baltimore, 318 in Detroit to name a few).

We wonder why you take to the podium for single-incident mass-shootings perpetrated by deranged psychopaths of Liberal creation, yet you’re silent in the face of daily shootings by cold-blooded criminals.

We wonder why you have no answer to the question of how “common-sense gun legislation” which, by definition only restricts the 2nd Amendment rights of LAWFUL gun owners, could have prevented this tragedy, or those in Aurora, Newtown, Santa Barbara, Tucson, and others. These shootings were committed in nearly every case by people who either obtained their weapons illegally, or by people for whom existing laws should have been triggered; committed nearly exclusively, and not coincidentally, in Liberal-designated “gun-free zones”.

Don’t ban guns, ban Liberals!

Most of all, Mr. President, we wonder what could be so important about brow-beating grief-stricken American citizens, most of whom are gun owners. Why are you so determined to force us to relinquish our right to keep and bear arms, that you’re comfortable lecturing us while bodies are still warm so soon after death?


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