Obama’s Spite For America Has Israel On War Footing


By Dave Weinbaum

I don’t think I’m being controversial if I conclude from President Obama’s many speeches and actions that he has a grudge against America and its allies. Further, I would like to know why, the deeper this country sinks and the more danger he puts our friends in, how pontifical and happier our leader looks. He’s absolutely relishing in America’s and its old pal’s danger—under his leadership.

Barry’s hope-and-change mantra was meant to teach us a lesson. I’ve learned my lesson. How about you? Here are the results of our genius, HAHVAD-educated, law teacher and community-agitator-racist-in-chief hath wrought.


Israel, the largest protector of Christians, moderate Muslims and Jews in the world, has been relegated to a box—one of President B. Hussein’s making. It’s apparent Obama hates Bibi Netanyahu—possibly because the Jewish Prime Minister actually loves his country. Also, I would speculate Netanyahu loves America more than both Mr. and Mrs. Obama—combined.

The vacuum Obama brought about in the Mideast, Africa and Europe was physically started with his Israel hatred. When he pulled all troops out of Iraq, he drew in ultra-Muslim-Mohammed-style fanatics (ISIS)—just as President Bush predicted in 2007. Having replaced al-Qaeda as the world’s largest terrorist organization, they’re determined to carry out the Prophet’s design for an Islamic dominated world. In short time, they went through the weak resistance provided by B. Hussein’s surrender like a hot knife through butter.

The bottom shekel is Israel cannot afford to let Iran or ISIS anywhere near the Jewish State, lest they attack at the sponsorship of new Big Brother, Vlad the Putin and/or B. Hussein Obama.

The big surprise for Israel is they find themselves in a world that leaves them a morsel or two of potential allies—maybe India—maybe China—maybe other Arab states in conflict with Iran. At this point, one can conclude that Obama does not have Israel’s back.

Scenarios and facts:

  • Russia could go either way—if Israel attacks an on-the-move Iran army what will Putin do?
  • What will the US do in the above hypothetical?
  • Putin is going after US & NATO allies fighting against Syria’s Assad. If NATO doesn’t act, they’re done. If they do act, there’s a large chance of WW3.
  • The USA under B. Hussein HATES Israel. Don’t believe it? Look at the blank stares of hatred by the American delegation while Bibi was giving his speech at the UN.
  • Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority, seemed emboldened by the UN raising of the Palestinian flag. He announced he was no longer bound by the Oslo agreement with Israel and has started a Jew-killing intifada in Jerusalem.
  • US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Powers must have had a pedicure scheduled during the Israeli Prime Minister’s speech. She was a no-show. So were Iran-born Valerie Jarrett nor Secretary of State John Kerry, both perpetrators of the Iran deal.
  • In a recent Pew Poll, 79% of Americans either disapproved or had no opinion on the Iran deal. Only 21% approved.
  • Just to make Congress irrelevant—again—Obama finagled the Iran give-away in front of the UN. He got it passed there before he presented it to Congress.
  • The surrender Obama signed with Iran obligates the USA to attack Israel should it attack Iran’s nuke sites.
  • The USA has been lectured by the Soviets not to fly in areas they are bombing. America has refused. Seems inevitable that either a Russian or American plane will be shot down. Then what?
  • Russia has brought in nuke-loaded submarines. Also, they are firing cruise missiles from a thousand miles away. What if they overshoot and land in Israel or Lebanon?

The utterly clueless Obama Administration was visibly shocked by Putin’s maneuvers. They were all handed their Progressive hats by Putin. Not one of them would think that anyone, even a Crimean-stealing thug like Vlad the Putin could be as evil to the world as the USA—especially while being run by their amazing progressive brains!

What color are the clouds on the planet the Obama Administration is from?

Lest I end this column in disgust at what we’ve experienced, here’s the lesson that Obama has taught me.



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