Political Artist Sabo Interviewed

Yours truly was fortunate enough to speak with political artist Sabo of Unsavory Agents fame.

Sabo was courteous enough to speak about an array of subjects pertaining to his background and interests. Included in the part-interview/part-conversation are his interest in politics, his art background, and how he views the contemporary political-media landscape.

Sabo expressed his disdain for “political correctness” and the suffocating effect it has on the free exchange of ideas, while simultaneously appreciating those people who are forthright about their views and don’t operate wearing costume personas.

Also discussed was his military background and belief that young men should serve their country.

The phenomenon of Trump’s ascendance was also touched on, with Sabo issuing an admonition over the cult of personality that seems to be growing around the current Republican front-runner.  He said it’s reminiscent of what took place around then Senator Barack Hussein Obama in 2008.  That said, Sabo acknowledged that Trump is shattering the political paradigms within which most of the GOP operate, demonstrating that standing strong and fighting back is a path towards political fortune.

The conservative surrender of the field of arts and culture was also briefly touched on, as well as its inevitable damage to the nation’s political culture.

Best of all, Sabo’s political insights and values are riddled throughout the talk. Listen to it and hear his take on the current Republican line-up.

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