Reverend Wright Blends “Christianity” with Radical Muslim

What do you get when you cross radical Christianity with radical Islam? Barack Obama, silly! And Obama was partially formed by his radical preacher/Imam, affectionately known as Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

At the recent million man redux, dubbed “Justice or else” the bombastic Wright was in rare form. As we all know, but cannot say (shhh!), the Wright was the pastor of record when Obama attended Trinity United Church of Christ for close to twenty years, where he radicalized many in his flock, including the power-hungry Jr. Senator.

Obama made the politically expedient decision to publicly denounce Wright in 2008, when it became clear to him the reverend had become a political liability in Obama’s campaign for the presidency. Wright had made several controversial remarks including “America’s chickens coming home to roost” and “not God bless America, but God damn America”, forcing the Obama’ s banishment of the good reverend.


At the rally on October 19, 2015, after addressing Louis Farakhan and the crowd with the Muslim greeting  As-salamu alaykum, Wright reminded the crowd Jesus was a Palestinian. I’m no theologian, but even I know that the Bible indicates Jews are God’s chosen people and Jesus, the Son of God,  was and still remains a Jew.

The good reverend went on to say Israel, whom he deemed an apartheid nation–has their land because ‘their’ God ( evidently not his God) told them to take somebody else’s land. It begs the question if the God of the Bible and the Jews is not Wright’s God, then what God do they serve?

If you start with the premise that the president (shhh!) is not a Christian in the way that most are, but some other form of Christian, say Muslim for example, then every foreign policy decision he has made makes perfect sense.

Wright has foretold anyone willing to hear that he and Barrack would hook up again when it couldn’t hurt the president. I wouldn’t bet my paycheck against that happening.






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