Did U.S. Bomb Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Afghanistan?

Image via doctorswithoutborders.org
Image via doctorswithoutborders.org

Obama is not just incompetent domestically, he takes his show overseas.

Prior to America’s empty suit “Commander in Grief” taking the helm, America’s military was considered the best in the world, and generally a well-oiled machine. We certainly had overpaid for that privilege.

But now that the “boy who would be king” has taken over, the military has taken a serious downturn.

Not to be outdone by Bill Clinton, who bombed an aspirin factory somewhere in Africa to cover for his misgivings, Barack Obama has bombed a hospital. Well that what BBC speculates anyway:

The medical charity MSF says at least nine of its staff were killed in the Afghan city of Kunduz after a clinic was hit by an air strike on Saturday.

U.S. forces were carrying out air strikes at the time. The NATO alliance has admitted the clinic may have been hit.

MSF says 37 people were seriously wounded in the attack, 19 of whom are its staff.

Who needs hospitals in Afghanistan anyway, when there is ObamaCare coming!

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In even more evidence of that stellar foreign policy of Obama, you should note that there has been intense fighting in Kunduz since Taliban fighters swept into the northern city on Monday. Kunduz is the first major city to fall to the Taliban in 14 years. Don’t expect that to be former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan.




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