Here is What an Invasion Looks Like

These are Muslims leaving Libya, headed to Italy.

As you can see there are quite a few of them, and they all want on that boat.

When I see things like this, I always wonder why these people want to leave their Utopias to go live in a place where they have little to no family, massive cultural differences, and so on.

Given the world’s little radical Islam problem, it’s easy to see how things will soon heat up in Italy, as it has in all of Europe. France has “no go” zones, occupied by Muslims that the French police won’t go into. And then there are the Muslim “rape gangs” tormenting Scandinavia, after they so willingly accepted these people.

Most recently in Greece, we saw young, strong Muslim men rejecting food and water, actually throwing it back at the Greek authorities, and later we learned that these young strapping Muslim men were harassing the female workers there to clean up after the animals.

Welcome to the New World Order:


Refugee ship 4 Refugee ship 3Refugee ship 5 Refugee ship 2 Refugee ship 1 Refugee ship 6

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