Worst Cities for Blacks: Bad News for Democrats

Big cities are bad for blacks. The good news for Democrats is they have made the lives of blacks so enticing, most blacks are trapped in these urban ghettos.

If you want your child to have a crappy education or to go to prison, then city living in a “black neighborhood” is for you.

And if you are a true thrill seeker, then running the gauntlet of your “black neighborhood” will be like a safari in Tanzania. But there is a new report out, and it showcases where blacks suffer the most. The cities selected will surprise you.


As Huffington Post reported:

For decades, black Americans have faced higher poverty rates, lower incomes and higher incarceration rates than white Americans. While African Americans in every U.S. city face such problems, racial inequality is much worse in some parts of the country. By examining the disparities between white and black Americans in several economic and social measures, 24/7 Wall St. identified the 10 worst cities for black Americans.

Four of the cities with the worst racial inequality are in Illinois, two are in Iowa, and all are in the Midwest. 24/7 Wall St. interviewed Valerie Wilson, director of the program on race, ethnicity, and the economy at the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), a progressive think tank. Wilson associated the geographical clustering of these cities to the Great Migration – the relocation of millions of African Americans from the South to cities in the North and Midwest between 1916 and 1970.
Now if you believe this, you likely believe Hillary Clinton would make a good president. This report wants people to believe that Waterloo, IA is a worse place for blacks than Chicago, IL!
Over that period, African Americans fled from the oppressive Jim Crow policies of the South, among other forms of racism, to cities such as Chicago and New York. These areas – the Midwest in particular – were undergoing a manufacturing boom at the time, and black and other Americans sought economic opportunities there. However, the industrial Midwestern economies have declined dramatically since 1970, and the region today is a part of what is commonly known as the Rust Belt.
The comparison was based on what whites earned versus what blacks earn, and a host of other completely misinterpreted data. Tough to measure income, when blacks are fantastically unemployed.
The article continues:
In addition to income inequality between black and white Americans, wealth inequality helps perpetuate racial inequalities. Wealth – the value of property and financial assets – frequently passes from one generation to the next. African Americans, who have historically been prohibited from home and land ownership, are therefore at a considerable disadvantage when it comes to inherited wealth. For black families, “each generation essentially starts from zero and so as that happens across generations, that gap continues to persist,” Wilson said.
Needless to say, this is just more nonsense to justify “white privilege.” For more of this drivel and to see the cities, go here

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