Bet Black Liberals Don’t Know This About Obama

Two African dictators walk into a bar…of course Obama watched the first guy bump his head, and he still didn’t duck.


Obama has upset Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari. The man figures if Obama will run guns into Mexico, why won’t he help his African brothers?! Racist!

According to Three Percent Nation:

Nigerian President said that President Barack Obama “aided and abetted” radical Islamic terrorists by refusing to sell arms to the Nigerians under the Leahy Act, citing human rights allegations.

“Blanket application” of the Leahy Act because of “unproven allegations of human rights violations levelled against our forces” denied the country “access to appropriate strategic weapons to prosecute the war,” Buhari said in a speech at the United Institute for Peace.

All Nigeria wants to do is shut down Boko Haram. Remember them? Even Michelle Obama wanted to put the heat on Boko Haram, when they kidnapped hundreds of Christian girls. But then Beyonce called!

Everybody knows that Obama “will side with the Muslims” when the chips are down, and Boko Haram is a Muslim terror group, practically brothers to Barack.

This doesn’t sit well with President Buhari:

“In the face of abduction of innocent school girls … indiscriminate bombings of civilians in markets and places of worship, our forces have remained largely impotent because they do not possess the appropriate weapons and technology which they could have had, had the so-called human rights violations not been an obstacle,” Buhari said.

Too bad those weren’t Muslim girls in trouble, as President Buhari would get the full power of the American military at his disposal.

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