Obama’s Dream: Black University Merges with Community College

I can’t help but think about the scene in the movie Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, where Steve Martin and John Candy are being told by another vehicle, “You’re going the wrong way!”

They ignore the couple in the other vehicle, saying to themselves, “How do they know where we’re going?!”

Well, black colleges: “YOU’RE GOING THE WRONG WAY!”

Black students are about to get more of those stellar Obama promises, as Georgia officials have cleared the merger of an historically black university with a community college. Yes, that right. A university is merging with a community college!

As Chris Rock said about community college:

“You know why they call it community college? Because anybody in the community can go, a crackhead, a drug dealer, a prostitute…come on it!”

The downgrading of black education continues. The colleges and universities started by Republicans to educate blacks have fallen into the hands of the lecherous Left.

And the reason I read for the merger is interesting.

Faced with declining enrollment, Georgia officials are combining a historically black state university with a two-year state college that also has a high minority student body, creating what they expect will be a stronger institution that retains its black majority and avoids the criticism that has met similar proposals in other Southern states.

Some advocates for historically black colleges and universities are even hailing the move.

So now Albany State University‘s 3,500 students will join with Darton State College‘s 5,500 students under the plan approved recently by the Georgia Board of Regents.

Albany State University’s enrollment has dropped 25 percent since its peak in 2011. Darton State’s student body this fall was 44.7 percent black, 48.5 percent white and 3.3 percent Hispanic or Latino. Its enrollment also has dropped in recent years, down 14 percent since 2012.

Is it any wonder that HBCUs would see decreased enrollment, when you consider situations like what is happening at the University of Missouri? Do you see white people clamoring to send their children to these once amazing institutions of learning?

The fact is the time for HBCUs is long past, but Liberals usurped “wackademia” and they held on to these institutions like old shoes. They treated them like old shoes too.

While Ivy League schools are considered the best, and most highly selective schools, HBCUs under Liberals were racist incubators no better than most community colleges. As reported in the Huffington Post:

The NCAA’s Academic Performance Program revamped the Academic Progress Rate (APR) data in 2011, wary of the struggles historic black colleges and universities were facing in their compilation and submission of data each year.

New rules that went into place with the 2012-13 academic year don’t seem to have helped the situation, however.

Of the 36 programs facing APR penalties from the NCAA, 28 are located at HBCU programs within the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) and Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC).

HBCUs saw a slight renaissance, based on the spinoff TV show, A Different World. But as reported here, the schools are not considered elite in any way.

Although the highly commodified black cultural nationalism of the early 1990s, as well as the hit television show “A Different World,” created a mini-renaissance of HBCU love, there has been a growing indifference to HBCUs within the black community. Whereas previous generations saw an HBCU degree as a badge of honor and community solidarity, many of today’s students and parents see the black college as a secondary or tertiary alternative to Ivy League universities and elite liberal arts colleges…Within the cultural logic of the neo-liberal marketplace, where formal education is reduced to a tradable commodity, HBCUs are viewed as inferior products.

Based on this fall’s combined enrollment, 62 percent of students at both schools identified as black. Georgia officials said Albany State is a top choice for Darton State students who go on to four-year college.

Back in 2009, the Governor of Mississippi met with staunch opposition to mergers of three HBCUs with two other non-black colleges in order to address a budget shortfall. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal proposed a similar move to merge Southern University with the University of New Orleans. These mergers made sense, given the results for graduates of HBCUs, and the state of education today.

As for the Georgia merger, at least the school will keep the “black” roots, maintaining the Albany State University’s name, the majority-black status, and its president will serve as the interim president as the two institutions merge.

What a pathetic outcome for great institutions built by Republicans, and run into the ground by Democrats.


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